Bedtime Yin – 30 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
The fast pace of modern life often leaves us with few opportunities to wind down and get a greater sense of self. Combat this issue by incorporating this yin practice into your daily routine.
It focuses on your lower back, shoulders and hips – a deeply relaxing process you can use to help you get ready to sleep or to give yourself a well-deserved early afternoon break.

Post-Work Relaxation Flow – 30 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
If, like most people, you struggle to unwind after a long day, this is the ideal class for you.
Relax your mind while stretching your body with this slower-paced practice. Each move is carefully considered for maximum effect.
Say goodbye to tightness and tension as we tackle the most problematic spots, including the quadriceps and hamstrings, spine, hips, and shoulders.

Post-run Tightness Prevention | Yoga 30 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
As many people attest, there are many benefits to running. Regardless of whether you had a short leisurely jog, went for a new personal record, or competed in a race, your body (and mind) will thank you in the long term. All the same, it’s all too easy to forget about the importance of the post-run recovery.
Fortunately, this class can help, giving you a chance – in an enjoyable, deserved cooldown – to avoid tightness and cramping before they set in by encouraging you to stretch and align the body.

Wrist Relief | Hands Free Flow – 45 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
This practice is ideal if you have wrist issues, because it avoids placing weight on your hands. This means no movements like down dog or chaturanga (which put pressure on the wrists); instead, we will complete a series of moves with postures that include twisting, balancing and standing. It’s advisable to bring two blocks/books as props to get the most out of this class.