Evening Practice – 15 mins

With Olivia Power Ryan.
Release the day that’s been, opening into a state of connection and deep listening with the self. Melting the body open to softness, nourishment and deep receptivity so that you can hear the inner voice and reconnect.
This practice includes some gentle movement to open the body physically, transitioning into a lying down, deeply restorative meditation practice.
Perfect for before sleep or when in need of a healing practice.

Vitality Morning Practice – 30 mins

With Olivia Power Ryan.
This practice focuses on the core, bringing a state of vitality and cultivating a strong centre before we start our day and interact with others. Cultivating our core is the making of a powerful practice: with it, we can nurture and build a sense of self, hold healthy boundaries and connect on a deeper level.
This practice includes breath practice, movement and an awareness-based meditation.