Unwind & Restore – 20 mins

With Neasa Mc Hugh.
Indulge in a rejuvenating cool-down session designed to complement your active lifestyle. Whether you’ve just wrapped up an intense gym session, a vigorous power yoga practice, or a long day of hiking, this all-levels class is the perfect way to unwind and restore balance to both body and mind.
Prepare to dive deep into each pose, holding for at least 8 breaths as you release tension and invite relaxation. This practice isn’t just for post-workout; it’s also ideal for winding down before bedtime, helping you ease into a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.
Join us and let your breath guide you to a state of blissful tranquility.

The Joy of Movement | Yoga Flow – 35 mins

With Neasa Mc Hugh.
Indulge in a well-rounded practice that offers a little something for everyone. From gentle side bends to soothing forward folds, invigorating twists to uplifting backbends, and strengthening poses, this class has it all.
Perfect for easing back into your practice after travel, illness, or a break, this session covers all the bases, helping you reconnect with your body and find your flow once again.
Join us and enjoy the journey as you rediscover the joy of movement and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Power Hour – 60 mins

With Neasa McHugh.

Welcome to Power Hour, Neasa’s distinctive vinyasa experience.
Immerse yourself in a dynamic fusion of vigorous flow, inventive sequencing and mindfulness. This class embodies true breath-to-movement vinyasa, inviting you to be challenged and feel renewed.
This practice is an opportunity to stand firmly in your own strength. Let’s flow and empower together!

Fiery, Feel Good Flow – 30 mins

With Neasa McHugh.

Join Neasa in this mandala vinyasa journey.
Circle around your mat, igniting strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. This dynamic sequence weaves lunges, twists, turns, balances and a generous dose of hip opening.
By the end, you’ll feel grounded and undeniably stronger – shaking off cobwebs and shifting your mood. Embrace this invigorating journey, where every movement is a step towards rejuvenation.