Sting & Stretch: Scorpion Flow Yoga | Level 2 – 45 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
Welcome to ‘Sting & Stretch: Scorpion Flow Yoga’, where we embrace the dynamic
and transformative energy of the scorpion pose. Join us as we delve into the depths
of this powerful asana, combining strength, flexibility, and balance to unlock your
body’s full potential. Through mindful movements and deep breaths, we navigate the
flow, embracing the challenges and rewards that come with each posture. Let’s
explore the synergy of strength and serenity as we journey through this invigorating
practice together. Are you ready to unleash your inner scorpion? Let’s flow!

Flowing Insight: Embrace Your Intuition | Yoga Flow – 30 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
Welcome to ‘Flowing Insight: Embrace Your Intuition’ – a transformative journey
where we dive deep into the currents of intuition. In this practice, we honor the
wisdom of our inner voice, flowing with its guidance as we move through each
posture. Through mindful breath and fluid movements, we cultivate a heightened
sense of awareness, allowing intuition to be our compass on this journey. Let go of
doubt, embrace trust, and surrender to the flow of your intuition. Are you ready to
embark on this soulful exploration? Let’s begin, and let your intuition be your guide.

Feel Good Flow – 30 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
Experience a blend of physical vitality, mental focus and emotional resilience in this invigorating sequence. Cultivate a sense of well-being through diverse poses that foster holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in this uplifting flow, embracing a positive mindset.

Flight and Stability: Exploring Arm Balances and Side Plank Flow | Level 2 – 45 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
This session, led by Roberto Bitetto, emphasises cultivating equilibrium and steadiness in arm balances while seamlessly integrating the graceful flow of side plank movements.
Elevate your practice as you master the art of balance and embrace the essence of this transformative sequence.