Pilates Beginners Course – Part 3 : Foundations for a Mat Class – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 3 : Foundations for a Mat Class
Understanding the Pilates principles in Part 1 and the body alignment principles in Part 2 will help you perform the foundational mat exercises. Maider will break down in this class some of the fundamental mat exercises. These exercises are simple but intricate, and they are key to performing more complex exercises.

Pilates Beginners Course – Part 2 : Neutral Spine, Core and Body Alignment – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 2 : Neutral Spine, Core and Body Alignment
Pilates should improve awareness of body alignment. This class is dedicated to exploring the neutral pelvis and how the body aligns around the position of the pelvis. Building on the learning from the previous class, you will be introduced to the connection of breath and core.

Pilates Beginners Course – Part 1 : Pilates Key Principles and Breathing – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 1 : Pilates Key Principles and Breathing.
During this class Maider will guide you through the principles that make Pilates not just an exercise but a mind–body practice. You will be introduced to how breathing is fundamental to the practice, in getting greater benefit from the Pilates exercises.

Evening Yin – 30 mins

With Chris Molloy. This is a gentle shoulder opener class, suitable for all levels.
We will allow space into the shoulders and upper back while letting the body receive breath into any tightness in that space. If you have shoulder injuries or upper back pain, then please go slowly; hold the poses for a few breaths, then build up to hold a little longer. Practising this class each day will allow you to open up to the possibilities of back bends and upper body strength.

Gentle Yoga – 30 mins

With Grace Clarke
A gentle beginner-friendly Slow Flow class, for any time of day, to de-stress and relax. With full body movement, we spend these 35 minutes close to the earth to ground down and find ourselves in the present moment on the mat. No props needed, but pillows are always nice!

Chair Yoga – 30 mins

With Dane Hickey
One of the most accessible forms of Yoga. Chair Yoga is a gentle form of Yoga that can be done sitting in a chair or standing while using the chair for support. Suitable for all levels including beginners. Chair Yoga is also beneficial for those with limited mobility or anyone who wants to practice Yoga while at work.