Yin for Hips and Pelvis – 45 mins

With Chris Molloy.
This Yin class, led by Chris, will help create space in the pelvic area and open up to free any stuck emotions in this sacred space. For this practice, and for your own comfort, Chris recommends using props: a bolster, two blocks and a blanket. Remember you are working with soft tissue rather than muscles, so take your time and hold for as long as feels good for your body.

Chill Restorative Practice – 45 mins

With Brian Malone.
A simple restorative practice to help unwind and relax. You’ll need two bolsters (if you don’t have bolsters, big pillows will do), three blocks (if you have no yoga blocks, book will do), and two blankets.

If you would like some music to listen to, you can put on this playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Zl403f4QF8Kw2r5jKnfMq?si=EM2XiTojQWSTIdypQpmLaA&pi=e-uEv0kPT2Th66

Yin for Emotional Release – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This powerful yet soothing practice is ideal for evening and a pre-bed time. Focus around energetic centres like the Heart and Root Chakra can feel intense, especially at times when they need most attention and care. Aga will gently help you navigate through those feelings, leaving you in charge of the level of challenge you want to embrace and work with.
By cultivating stillness and surrender, this practice will help you to shed tension, remove blockages within your energy flow, and restore ease in mind and body, leaving you relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Bedtime Yin – 30 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
The fast pace of modern life often leaves us with few opportunities to wind down and get a greater sense of self. Combat this issue by incorporating this yin practice into your daily routine.
It focuses on your lower back, shoulders and hips – a deeply relaxing process you can use to help you get ready to sleep or to give yourself a well-deserved early afternoon break.

Restorative Yin for Period Pain Relief – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
The Restorative Yin yoga class offers a gentle and nurturing practice specifically designed to alleviate discomfort and soothe menstrual cramps.
This class focuses on slow, passive stretching poses that target the lower abdomen, hips and lower back, where many women experience discomfort during their menstrual cycles. Through deep breathing and longer holds, the body is encouraged to release tension and promote inner healing and relaxation.
Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are utilised to support the body in poses, allowing for maximum comfort and ease. This class provides a safe sanctuary to honour and care for the body, offering relief and a sense of calm during menstruation – your kapha time.

Yin for Emotional Release – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This yin yoga class focuses on opening up the hips and releasing tension in the body’s fascia. We’ll hold poses for longer periods to allow for a deeper release of tension.
Expect to move into hip-opening poses like pigeon and dragon, and use a foam roller in myofascial release techniques for added relaxation. Remember to focus on breathing deeply throughout each pose and tune in to your body’s needs. Adjust the intensity of each pose as needed, to ensure a comfortable and safe practice.
Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques, this yin yoga class is perfect for those seeking to unwind and release tension in the body.

Revitalising Yin – 60 mins

With Sam-Lee Doyle.
Join Sam for a revitalising Yin yoga experience that targets the liver and urinary bladder meridian lines, promoting balance and harmony within the body. This class will guide you through a series of gentle, long-held poses that stimulate the flow of energy along these meridians, helping to release tension, improve circulation and support organ function.
Through deep stretches and mindful breathing, you’ll activate the liver meridian, which is associated with detoxification and emotional well-being. This practice encourages the release of stagnant energy, allowing for emotional release and rejuvenation.
Additionally, we’ll work on the urinary bladder meridian, which runs along the back of the body. By opening up this pathway, you can ease tension in the spine and alleviate stress. The poses in this class will focus on promoting flexibility and relaxation in the lower back and hips, contributing to improved energy flow and overall comfort.
Whether you’re looking to enhance your physical flexibility, reduce stress or promote emotional balance, this Yin yoga class centered around the liver and urinary bladder meridians offers a holistic approach to wellness. All levels are welcome to join in cultivating a sense of calm and renewal.

Evening Practice – 15 mins

With Olivia Power Ryan.
Release the day that’s been, opening into a state of connection and deep listening with the self. Melting the body open to softness, nourishment and deep receptivity so that you can hear the inner voice and reconnect.
This practice includes some gentle movement to open the body physically, transitioning into a lying down, deeply restorative meditation practice.
Perfect for before sleep or when in need of a healing practice.

Evening Yin – 30 mins

With Chris Molloy. This is a gentle shoulder opener class, suitable for all levels.
We will allow space into the shoulders and upper back while letting the body receive breath into any tightness in that space. If you have shoulder injuries or upper back pain, then please go slowly; hold the poses for a few breaths, then build up to hold a little longer. Practising this class each day will allow you to open up to the possibilities of back bends and upper body strength.

Yin Practice for Hips – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka
A great one to combine with Aga’s ‘Pilates for Sciatica’ classes.
Depending on what benefits you’re looking for, this class can be used at different times of the day, as well as on warm or cool muscles.
This soothing practice is meant to help you relieve stress from your body and mind, leaving you in charge of what level of intensity you want to work with. It will release tension from your hips, improve flexibility and blood flow through the area, bringing the whole system at ease. Relax and let the tension melt away.

Yin for the Spine – 45 mins

With Catherine Bernard
In this 45-minute practice, Cat will take you through a selection of Yin postures that target the spine. In our daily lives, we might move the spine in two directions at most, and that’s why so many people feel stiff and get back pain. In this practice, the spine will move in all directions: forward, sideways, backward and twists.
The benefits will be physical, with improved mobility and range of motion, as well as energetic, as a lot of nerves, blood vessels and organs are connected to the spine.

Lower Body Yin – 30 mins

With Elaine Yau
A short & sweet practice of yin to help release tightness in the hips. We will work on inner hips with Butterfly pose, Square/ Shoelace for outer hips, Dragon pose for hip flexors & finishing with Caterpillar for the back of the hips.
Have 2 blocks (you can use thick books), a blanket to hand.

Third Eye Chakra Yin Yoga – 40 mins

With Aoife McDermott
6th Practice within the Chakra series.
As we enter the brow chakra, we look back at the steps behind us with new vision. Adding indigo to our ever-expanding bridge we now have enough colors to see that we are, indeed, building a rainbow. Once we see what the pattern is becoming, we can intuit the steps necessary to complete it. Our sight gives us guidance. We can see where we have been, where we are now, and predict where we are going.

Spotify Playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/52UhyyzJM1rb4Tv87xA0MH?si=61bc44979415421a

Throat Chakra Yin Yoga – 40 mins

With Aoife McDermott
Part 5 of the Chakra Yin Yoga Series.
As we enter the etheric level of the throat chakra, we enter a paradoxical realm of great subtlety yet powerful influence. The enveloping element of air still surrounds us, yet we reach beyond it into the unknown ether—the realm of vibrations, sound, communication, and creativity. We have passed the halfway point in our rainbow. In the dance between liberation and manifestation, we are now leaving the balance of the heart to focus more heavily on the upper chakras.

Spotify playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3NfVMVPn7bDFeM7OCi1q4R?si=dc0a52910e7e4d55

Solar Plexus Chakra Yin Yoga – 40 mins

With Aoife McDermott
Part 3 of the Chakra Yin Yoga series.
We enter the third chakra through the gates of duality. As we exercise choice, we initiate the will. Through exercising our will, we develop our individuality, discover our strengths and weaknesses, and begin to build the power that will steer our lives. This is a 40 minute guided yin practice, weaving breathwork, visualization and affirmation together to drop deep into our inner fire.

Spotify playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/00jXe8mBzH8NKeyvUO9Ysa?si=fd25d6cfc78e47d2

Sacral Chakra Yin Yoga – 40 mins

With Aoife McDermott
Part 2 of the Chakra Yin Yoga Series.
As we enter the second chakra, we encounter the watery realm of emotions and sensuality. Where we have worked for grounding and stability in the first chakra, we now cultivate feelings and movement; Our associated element has shifted from the element of earth in chakra one, providing support and containment for the fluid essence of chakra two, much like a cup holds water. Invite yourself to feel, sense, and experience the ever moving, fluid energetic resonance of the Sacral Chakra in this 40 min yin yoga practice.

Spotify playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5BAz4dNyjJQzPtoTQRUHzR?si=8f429e31d7ab4952

Root Chakra Yin Yoga – 30 mins

With Aoife McDermott
Part 1 of the Chakra Yin Yoga Series.
Welcome to a journey of our chakra energetic system through yin yoga! We begin at the bottom, Muladhara chakra, our root. Invite yourself to explore how you ground down and find safety within. Weaving sensation, visualisation, affirmation and breathing techniques, we impart awareness deep down within and start climbing the rainbow bridge towards enlightenment.

Playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5gspDjyqcMrACo2LcuX1Lz?si=eLLZT6l6SGeu_nz9OHM-vQ