Yoga Flow: Waking Up the Extremities – 60 mins

With Sylvia Ferguson.
This is an hour long mindful yoga flow with Sylvia for mixed levels (but not suitable for complete beginners). Take your body through a full range of motion, with focused attention to what’s happening in the hands and feet.
Find connection, harmony of action and a way of moving on the mat that encourages lightness and ease. Focusing the attention in this very specific way is calming for a busy mind; expanding the awareness to include the body as a whole teaches us the skills of moving through life with emotional awareness, and makes us better communicators.
Arrive at your mat to feel, not to accomplish. Strong in doses, with deep stretches to close. Bring a belt if you have one.

Dynamic Pilates – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This 60-minute Pilates class, led by Aga, is a comprehensive and dynamic workout that focuses on improving strength, flexibility and overall body awareness.
Aga combines traditional Pilates exercises with modern techniques to challenge and engage the entire body. Get ready for experiencing a series of controlled and precise movements targeting each muscle group, core activation and refining your alignment.
This class promotes proper posture, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and enhances overall body functionality, offering you a proper warm-up and cooldown. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Yin for Emotional Release – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This powerful yet soothing practice is ideal for evening and a pre-bed time. Focus around energetic centres like the Heart and Root Chakra can feel intense, especially at times when they need most attention and care. Aga will gently help you navigate through those feelings, leaving you in charge of the level of challenge you want to embrace and work with.
By cultivating stillness and surrender, this practice will help you to shed tension, remove blockages within your energy flow, and restore ease in mind and body, leaving you relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Revitalise and Restore: Nurture Your Inner Balance, Rejuvenate Your Spirit – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.
Join Snehaa for a revitalising 60-minute yoga session, designed to gently stretch your body and calm your mind.
This class incorporates a series of soothing yoga postures aimed at enhancing flexibility and rejuvenation; these poses are paired with mindful breathing exercises to promote relaxation and mental clarity. Perfect for those looking to start their day on a peaceful note or wind down after work, this session offers a harmonious blend of movement and breath, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.

Spinal Vitality Journey: Ignite Strength, Embrace Flexibility, Empower Your Flow – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.
Welcome to a dynamic 60-minute yoga class, led by Snehaa Midha, combining strength and slow-paced movement to invigorate both body and mind. This session emphasises deliberate, mindful movements, incorporating a comprehensive range of spinal motions to enhance flexibility and strength.
Suitable for practitioners of all levels, this class progresses through powerful yet deliberate poses, allowing individuals to build strength while cultivating a deeper mind–body connection.
Join Snehaa for an empowering session that leaves you revitalised and centred, ready to take on the day.

Hatha Yoga | Straddle Splits Part 1: Mobility and Strength – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Hatha yoga class for samakonasana, led by Aga Chojnacka, focuses on improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles required for achieving the straddle splits posture.
This practice includes a series of dynamic and static stretching exercises to increase range of motion in the hips area. It also incorporates various strength-building postures and poses that target the core, legs and lower body, enhancing stability and balance.
This class can be done repetitively, as it prepares your body and mind for Part 2, getting deeper into the practice – exploring samakonasana and exploring other samakonasaba-based asanas.

No Knees Mat Pilates – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This is a no-kneeling Pilates class that will offer you a complete body workout, strengthen your gluteus, hamstrings, deep core and shoulders whilst mobilising your spine and joints. Designed especially for anyone suffering with recent or long term knees injury yet suitable for any practitioners. This class will focus on careful alignment, precision of movement and developing body awareness that will support all body function and an overall wellbeing. Enjoy this challenging practice without putting and stress on your knees.

Power Hour – 60 mins

With Neasa McHugh.

Welcome to Power Hour, Neasa’s distinctive vinyasa experience.
Immerse yourself in a dynamic fusion of vigorous flow, inventive sequencing and mindfulness. This class embodies true breath-to-movement vinyasa, inviting you to be challenged and feel renewed.
This practice is an opportunity to stand firmly in your own strength. Let’s flow and empower together!

Restorative Yin for Period Pain Relief – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
The Restorative Yin yoga class offers a gentle and nurturing practice specifically designed to alleviate discomfort and soothe menstrual cramps.
This class focuses on slow, passive stretching poses that target the lower abdomen, hips and lower back, where many women experience discomfort during their menstrual cycles. Through deep breathing and longer holds, the body is encouraged to release tension and promote inner healing and relaxation.
Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are utilised to support the body in poses, allowing for maximum comfort and ease. This class provides a safe sanctuary to honour and care for the body, offering relief and a sense of calm during menstruation – your kapha time.

Hatha for Hamstrings and Root Chakra – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Hatha yoga class is designed to strengthen the hamstrings while balancing and activating the root chakra.
Through a series of poses and movements, we will target the hamstrings, increasing flexibility and building strength in this often-neglected area. The root chakra, associated with grounding and stability, will also be emphasised, helping to create a sense of stability and connection.
This class will provide a balanced physical practice that nurtures the body and the energetic root, leaving you feeling stronger, more grounded and centered.

From Desk to Zen: A Rejuvenating Yoga Practice – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.
In this 60-minute session, with Snehaa Midha, discover a transformative collection of postures specifically curated to cultivate muscle strength, improve mobility and reconnect with your body after a demanding day at work. The practice is a powerful antidote, empowering you to embrace an active lifestyle, invigorating both body and mind.
In this session, Snehaa will start off with a few relatively fast-paced Hatha- and Ashtanga Vinyasa-based asana, held for longer durations. This will strengthen the abdomen, hips and back muscles, while simultaneously enhancing the flexibility of the shoulders, spine and hips, aiding the holistic development of various muscle groups.

Flow Harmony: Discover the Rhythm of Vinyasa – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.

In this 60-minute session with Snehaa Midha, you will embark on a dynamic journey that combines breath, movement and mindfulness to create a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. Throughout this practice, Snehaa will help you explore a variety of postures and sequences, synchronising the breath with each movement.
Vinyasa Yoga is known for its fluidity and creativity, allowing you to seamlessly transition from one pose to another, cultivating strength, flexibility and balance in the body. Snehaa will emphasise conscious and deep breathing, which will help you find ease, release tension and create space within the mind.

Hatha for Shoulder Care – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This hatha yoga class is designed to help you care for your shoulders. We’ll begin with gentle stretches, to warm up the shoulders and upper back, then move into poses that will help to strengthen and stabilise the shoulder joints.
Expect to practice poses such as cow face pose, eagle arms, and bow pose, which will all help to release tension in the shoulders and upper back. With a focus on alignment and breath, this shoulder care class will leave you feeling more aware and connected to your body.
This class is perfect for anyone looking to take preventative measures or treat shoulder issues.

Revitalising Yin – 60 mins

With Sam-Lee Doyle.
Join Sam for a revitalising Yin yoga experience that targets the liver and urinary bladder meridian lines, promoting balance and harmony within the body. This class will guide you through a series of gentle, long-held poses that stimulate the flow of energy along these meridians, helping to release tension, improve circulation and support organ function.
Through deep stretches and mindful breathing, you’ll activate the liver meridian, which is associated with detoxification and emotional well-being. This practice encourages the release of stagnant energy, allowing for emotional release and rejuvenation.
Additionally, we’ll work on the urinary bladder meridian, which runs along the back of the body. By opening up this pathway, you can ease tension in the spine and alleviate stress. The poses in this class will focus on promoting flexibility and relaxation in the lower back and hips, contributing to improved energy flow and overall comfort.
Whether you’re looking to enhance your physical flexibility, reduce stress or promote emotional balance, this Yin yoga class centered around the liver and urinary bladder meridians offers a holistic approach to wellness. All levels are welcome to join in cultivating a sense of calm and renewal.

Hatha for Grounding – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
A close-to-mat practice that will balance the yin and yang energies within you. Address your fire and your water, offering your body some heated asanas followed by lengthy, calming yin challenges.
Perfect for when you’re trying to uplift your energy and get back to a regular practice after a break, as it offers plenty of rest and support; it’s a great slow-down class to get you grounded and relaxed.

Core twists and flow – 60 mins

With Jayne Lawrence
A LYT inspired class to get your core fired up. The LYT Yoga Method, created by a licensed physical therapist and celebrated yoga teacher Lara Heimann, uses targeted movement sequences to help everyone from novices and weekend warriors to Olympians and professional athletes retrain habitual movement patterns and postural imbalances to feel stronger, more energized, and more balanced both on and off the mat.
Suitable for Level 1 and 2.

Hamstring Flow – 60 mins

With Cat Bernard
Cat takes you through a slow flow yoga practice to open the hamstring and hips and work your way up to Hanumanasana, aka Monkey pose or the yoga splits.
If you are a beginner, this practice is doable, take it at your own pace, and focus on the supported versions of the pose and all the drills. If you are more advanced in your practice, this will bring you safely to the peak pose and might give you more freedom of movement.
Props: Blanket, blocks, strap.

End of Week – Slow But Strong Flow – 60 mins

With Niamh
A full bodied Vinyasa Slow Flow, designed to energise the body and calm the mind! Moving at a slower pace is not necessarily an easier approach, if anything, it’s usually a little more challenging. Expect to move, breath, challenge and restore your mind, body and sense with this end of week flow, designed to press the reset button after a week behind, and a week ahead of you! Level 1 and 2

Yoga for ‘The Digital Slouch’ – 60 mins

With Ali King
Spending hours at a desk or on your phone does not do a body good. Are you hip flex and spine feeling tight and sore from all your desk work? Take time out to get on onto your yoga mat and drop into your body. Start to stretch out and breath into the hips and spine, delve into tissue pliability and tissue hydration. Stretch your achilles, calves, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors during this slow releasing sequence. Move through a series that includes block-supported lunges and ardha hanumanasana, finishing with a supine twist for your hips and spine, ending in a relaxing shavasana. Incorporate this class into your regular conditioning routine.
Suitable for All Levels