Strengthen and Tone | Mat Pilates – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Pilates class is dedicated to strengthening and toning the shoulders for greater mobility and stability.
Aga will guide students through a variety of exercises that specifically target the shoulder muscles, such as shoulder rolls, arm circles, and overhead presses. The class will also incorporate props like resistance bands and hand weights to increase the intensity of the workout. Proper form and alignment will be emphasised, as well as the importance of engaging the core throughout each movement.
Students can expect to leave the class feeling strong and energised in their upper body, with improved posture and balance. This class is suitable for all levels, including those with shoulder injuries or limitations, as modifications and variations will be offered to suit individual needs.

Summer Pilates – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi.
A light-hearted and flowy practice to keep your spine mobile, your core active and your energy boosted. Maider will guide you through a sequence that you can keep coming back to; the simple movements become interesting when done with detail. There will be options to stay at a level that you can control, or you can progress to more intermediate exercises.

Barre Sculpt – 45 mins

With Jessica Gormley.
Join Jess for a barre practice that requires just you and your mat.
Don’t be fooled: While you might not be using props, this class is sure to challenge your mind and body; it is designed to sculpt, tone, lengthen and strengthen the entire body. Expect lots of pulses to fire up your muscles, and prepare to shake.

Pilates Beginners Course – Part 3 : Foundations for a Mat Class – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 3 : Foundations for a Mat Class
Understanding the Pilates principles in Part 1 and the body alignment principles in Part 2 will help you perform the foundational mat exercises. Maider will break down in this class some of the fundamental mat exercises. These exercises are simple but intricate, and they are key to performing more complex exercises.

Pilates Beginners Course – Part 2 : Neutral Spine, Core and Body Alignment – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 2 : Neutral Spine, Core and Body Alignment
Pilates should improve awareness of body alignment. This class is dedicated to exploring the neutral pelvis and how the body aligns around the position of the pelvis. Building on the learning from the previous class, you will be introduced to the connection of breath and core.

Pilates Beginners Course – Part 1 : Pilates Key Principles and Breathing – 30 mins

With Maider Arrausi. Part 1 : Pilates Key Principles and Breathing.
During this class Maider will guide you through the principles that make Pilates not just an exercise but a mind–body practice. You will be introduced to how breathing is fundamental to the practice, in getting greater benefit from the Pilates exercises.

Barre – 30 mins

With Andrea McGee
This barre class has a combo of full range, isometric and end range pulses designed to sculpt your muscles for a low impact workout. Most Importantly to have some fun and just make you feel better!

Grab a chair, pop on your favourite upbeat playlist, listen to the beat & get ready build up a lil sweat!