Pilates: upper body strength and mobility – 45mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This 45-minute Pilates class focuses on improving upper body strength and mobility. Through a series of exercises, you will target the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back to build strength and definition. This class mat work utilizes terrabands to challenge and engage your upper body yet it can be done without other form of resistance equipment. You will work on exercises that promote flexibility and mobility, improving posture and a better muscles recruitment. This balanced workout will leave you feeling energized, with increased upper body strength and improved range of motion for everyday activities.

Pilates for lower body strength and mobility – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
Aga will help you to work and tone up your lower body and core. This class will address your glutes and inner thighs strengthen your abdobin and legs to create a more flexible and robust support for your daily activities. This 45 mins sequence will help you to support a more optimum firing sequence in your body and utilizing some functional patterns and keep the injuries away. Get a ball and a Pilates circle ready and enjoy this versatile and fun class at any time.of the day.

Hatha Yoga for Grounding – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This ‘close to mat’ Hatha class, led by Aga, focuses on harnessing and balancing the body’s vital energy. Through a series of gentle and slow-paced postures, intention setting and gradual build up towards more challenging asanas, this class aims to promote a sense of calm and inner strength.
This class is suitable for all levels and provides a nurturing environment that encourages self-awareness and personal growth.

Dynamic Pilates – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This 60-minute Pilates class, led by Aga, is a comprehensive and dynamic workout that focuses on improving strength, flexibility and overall body awareness.
Aga combines traditional Pilates exercises with modern techniques to challenge and engage the entire body. Get ready for experiencing a series of controlled and precise movements targeting each muscle group, core activation and refining your alignment.
This class promotes proper posture, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and enhances overall body functionality, offering you a proper warm-up and cooldown. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Yin for Emotional Release – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This powerful yet soothing practice is ideal for evening and a pre-bed time. Focus around energetic centres like the Heart and Root Chakra can feel intense, especially at times when they need most attention and care. Aga will gently help you navigate through those feelings, leaving you in charge of the level of challenge you want to embrace and work with.
By cultivating stillness and surrender, this practice will help you to shed tension, remove blockages within your energy flow, and restore ease in mind and body, leaving you relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Pilates for Core Strength – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Pilates class is focused on developing a strong and stable core. Aga will guide you through a strong, fun sequence that, by allowing you to change position frequently, will keep you engaged and your energy levels up.
The variety of exercises will help you to address different aspects of your core, and target and sculpt your abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. The practice will also improve your posture, balance and flexibility, while building strength and stability.
Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered.

Hatha Yoga | Straddle Splits Part 1: Mobility and Strength – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Hatha yoga class for samakonasana, led by Aga Chojnacka, focuses on improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles required for achieving the straddle splits posture.
This practice includes a series of dynamic and static stretching exercises to increase range of motion in the hips area. It also incorporates various strength-building postures and poses that target the core, legs and lower body, enhancing stability and balance.
This class can be done repetitively, as it prepares your body and mind for Part 2, getting deeper into the practice – exploring samakonasana and exploring other samakonasaba-based asanas.

No Knees Mat Pilates – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This is a no-kneeling Pilates class that will offer you a complete body workout, strengthen your gluteus, hamstrings, deep core and shoulders whilst mobilising your spine and joints. Designed especially for anyone suffering with recent or long term knees injury yet suitable for any practitioners. This class will focus on careful alignment, precision of movement and developing body awareness that will support all body function and an overall wellbeing. Enjoy this challenging practice without putting and stress on your knees.

Restorative Yin for Period Pain Relief – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
The Restorative Yin yoga class offers a gentle and nurturing practice specifically designed to alleviate discomfort and soothe menstrual cramps.
This class focuses on slow, passive stretching poses that target the lower abdomen, hips and lower back, where many women experience discomfort during their menstrual cycles. Through deep breathing and longer holds, the body is encouraged to release tension and promote inner healing and relaxation.
Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are utilised to support the body in poses, allowing for maximum comfort and ease. This class provides a safe sanctuary to honour and care for the body, offering relief and a sense of calm during menstruation – your kapha time.

Hatha for Hamstrings and Root Chakra – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Hatha yoga class is designed to strengthen the hamstrings while balancing and activating the root chakra.
Through a series of poses and movements, we will target the hamstrings, increasing flexibility and building strength in this often-neglected area. The root chakra, associated with grounding and stability, will also be emphasised, helping to create a sense of stability and connection.
This class will provide a balanced physical practice that nurtures the body and the energetic root, leaving you feeling stronger, more grounded and centered.

Hatha for Shoulder Care – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This hatha yoga class is designed to help you care for your shoulders. We’ll begin with gentle stretches, to warm up the shoulders and upper back, then move into poses that will help to strengthen and stabilise the shoulder joints.
Expect to practice poses such as cow face pose, eagle arms, and bow pose, which will all help to release tension in the shoulders and upper back. With a focus on alignment and breath, this shoulder care class will leave you feeling more aware and connected to your body.
This class is perfect for anyone looking to take preventative measures or treat shoulder issues.

Yin for Emotional Release – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This yin yoga class focuses on opening up the hips and releasing tension in the body’s fascia. We’ll hold poses for longer periods to allow for a deeper release of tension.
Expect to move into hip-opening poses like pigeon and dragon, and use a foam roller in myofascial release techniques for added relaxation. Remember to focus on breathing deeply throughout each pose and tune in to your body’s needs. Adjust the intensity of each pose as needed, to ensure a comfortable and safe practice.
Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques, this yin yoga class is perfect for those seeking to unwind and release tension in the body.

Strengthen and Tone | Mat Pilates – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This Pilates class is dedicated to strengthening and toning the shoulders for greater mobility and stability.
Aga will guide students through a variety of exercises that specifically target the shoulder muscles, such as shoulder rolls, arm circles, and overhead presses. The class will also incorporate props like resistance bands and hand weights to increase the intensity of the workout. Proper form and alignment will be emphasised, as well as the importance of engaging the core throughout each movement.
Students can expect to leave the class feeling strong and energised in their upper body, with improved posture and balance. This class is suitable for all levels, including those with shoulder injuries or limitations, as modifications and variations will be offered to suit individual needs.

Backbends – for Posture and Stress Relief – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
As intimidating as backbends can seem, it is very rewarding to reclaim your body to the extent of being able to do them. The work towards more challenging asanas – like Full Locust (Poorna Salabhasana), explored in this practice – will help you release stress from your chest and heart area, improve your posture, and invigorate you on a hormonal level. This class will give you a strong basis in advancing your practice and helping you enjoy being in the moment.

Hatha for Grounding – 60 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
A close-to-mat practice that will balance the yin and yang energies within you. Address your fire and your water, offering your body some heated asanas followed by lengthy, calming yin challenges.
Perfect for when you’re trying to uplift your energy and get back to a regular practice after a break, as it offers plenty of rest and support; it’s a great slow-down class to get you grounded and relaxed.

Intro to Splits, Afternoon Practice (45 mins)

With Aga Chojnacka.
The second of two classes that will address the splits. The ideal time for this first class is the afternoon or evening.
This practice is to be enjoyed in the afternoon, as a continuation of your morning practice – but equally, it can be combined with part one, taken all at once. We invite you to come back to this practice and explore different approaches. This slow-pace class will leave you grounded and equipped with a few tricks on how to deepen your splits safely.

Yin Practice for Hips – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka
A great one to combine with Aga’s ‘Pilates for Sciatica’ classes.
Depending on what benefits you’re looking for, this class can be used at different times of the day, as well as on warm or cool muscles.
This soothing practice is meant to help you relieve stress from your body and mind, leaving you in charge of what level of intensity you want to work with. It will release tension from your hips, improve flexibility and blood flow through the area, bringing the whole system at ease. Relax and let the tension melt away.

Hatha for the Heart Chakra – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
This slow paced and ‘close to your mat’ practice will help to release tension from your chest and shoulders, and promote a healthy alignment for your upper body. We will look at shoulder stability and flexibility, and mobilise and strengthen the upper portion of your back, enabling and freeing the space around the heart. A very practical approach to helping your Heart Chakra to blossom!