Hip Harmony Yoga Flow – 30 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Embark on a transformative journey with Shane’s dynamic hip yoga class, designed to liberate and strengthen. Explore fluid movements, fostering flexibility and stability as you delve into varied hip-opening poses. From gentle sways to empowering flows, discover a new sense of freedom in your hips as you navigate diverse directions with mindful intention.

Elevate Flow | Level 2 – 30 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Embark on a dynamic 30-minute yoga flow led by Shane, designed for advanced practitioners seeking the next level of challenge. This invigorating sequence blends strength, flexibility and mindfulness, guiding you through intricate postures and seamless transitions. Shane’s guidance encourages you to explore your edge, deepen your practice, and tap into new levels of physical and mental resilience. Elevate your yoga journey with this empowering and transformative class.

Shoulder Sanctuary: Yoga for Strength and Mobility – 30 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Experience a transformative yoga class tailored to enhance shoulder strength and mobility. Our shoulder-focused session invites you to delve into the intricacies of shoulder engagement, fostering awareness and stability. Through a series of dynamic asanas (poses) and targeted movements, you’ll explore the nuances of shoulder alignment and activation, cultivating a deeper connection to this pivotal area of the body. Guided by Shane, you’ll flow through sequences designed to relieve tension, improve posture and build resilience in the shoulders. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, this class offers a rejuvenating journey to nurture and empower your shoulder health.

Feel Good Flow – 30 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
Experience a blend of physical vitality, mental focus and emotional resilience in this invigorating sequence. Cultivate a sense of well-being through diverse poses that foster holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in this uplifting flow, embracing a positive mindset.

Flight and Stability: Exploring Arm Balances and Side Plank Flow | Level 2 – 45 mins

With Roberto Bitetto.
This session, led by Roberto Bitetto, emphasises cultivating equilibrium and steadiness in arm balances while seamlessly integrating the graceful flow of side plank movements.
Elevate your practice as you master the art of balance and embrace the essence of this transformative sequence.

Strong Flow – 45 mins

With Chris Molloy.
This is a flow class, led by Chris, to help build strength; you can enjoy this class at any time of the day, noticing a surge in energy afterward.
For the side plank (vasisthasana), if you don’t feel up to it then leave it out and rest or modify. A blanket, belt and two blocks, if available to you, are recommended.

Shoulders and Back – 45 mins

With Chris Molloy.
This class, led by Chris, is focused on opening your shoulders and upper back – a great practice to do if you are feeling stressed or tense.
For this practice, you will need two blocks and a blanket. If you are new to backbends, or indeed have never practised them before, then please move slowly and intuitively with your body. It’s not about how far you bend, its about how it feels in your body.

Yoga Flow: Waking Up the Extremities – 60 mins

With Sylvia Ferguson.
This is an hour long mindful yoga flow with Sylvia for mixed levels (but not suitable for complete beginners). Take your body through a full range of motion, with focused attention to what’s happening in the hands and feet.
Find connection, harmony of action and a way of moving on the mat that encourages lightness and ease. Focusing the attention in this very specific way is calming for a busy mind; expanding the awareness to include the body as a whole teaches us the skills of moving through life with emotional awareness, and makes us better communicators.
Arrive at your mat to feel, not to accomplish. Strong in doses, with deep stretches to close. Bring a belt if you have one.

Yoga for Hip Mobility – 45 mins

With Maider Arrausi.

This practice has an emphasis on the hips. It’s vital that we keep our hip joints mobile: hours of sitting, particularly as cold weather sets in, sinks into our body.
Maider will guide through an invigorating practice, to keep your bones warm during the darker days. This is a challenging and accessible flow for all levels.

Flight to Freedom: Pigeon Pose Yoga Journey – 45 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Designed to deepen your practice and flexibility, this class focuses on the gradual progression towards a graceful pigeon pose.
You’ll flow through a sequence of mindful poses, enhancing hip flexibility and opening your heart centre.
Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner seeking a fulfilling challenge, join us in this empowering class to unlock the potential of your body and mind, one pigeon pose at a time.

Flow Alchemy: Advanced Transitions (Level 2) – 45 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Elevate your practice in our Level 2 yoga Class with Shane, where movement meets the challenge of seamless flow.
This dynamic class is curated for seasoned practitioners ready to explore more intricate transitions. You’ll delve into advanced poses, threading them together with finesse to enhance strength, balance and flexibility.
Sharpen your focus, embrace the fluidity of movement, and unlock the next level of your yoga journey as you navigate through transitions that add an element of playfulness to your practice.

Spinal Vitality Journey: Ignite Strength, Embrace Flexibility, Empower Your Flow – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.
Welcome to a dynamic 60-minute yoga class, led by Snehaa Midha, combining strength and slow-paced movement to invigorate both body and mind. This session emphasises deliberate, mindful movements, incorporating a comprehensive range of spinal motions to enhance flexibility and strength.
Suitable for practitioners of all levels, this class progresses through powerful yet deliberate poses, allowing individuals to build strength while cultivating a deeper mind–body connection.
Join Snehaa for an empowering session that leaves you revitalised and centred, ready to take on the day.

Power Hour – 60 mins

With Neasa McHugh.

Welcome to Power Hour, Neasa’s distinctive vinyasa experience.
Immerse yourself in a dynamic fusion of vigorous flow, inventive sequencing and mindfulness. This class embodies true breath-to-movement vinyasa, inviting you to be challenged and feel renewed.
This practice is an opportunity to stand firmly in your own strength. Let’s flow and empower together!

Fiery, Feel Good Flow – 30 mins

With Neasa McHugh.

Join Neasa in this mandala vinyasa journey.
Circle around your mat, igniting strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. This dynamic sequence weaves lunges, twists, turns, balances and a generous dose of hip opening.
By the end, you’ll feel grounded and undeniably stronger – shaking off cobwebs and shifting your mood. Embrace this invigorating journey, where every movement is a step towards rejuvenation.

Mobility Flow – 45 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Discover the freedom of movement and the joy of enhanced flexibility in this mobility flow yoga class.
This practice, led by Shane Lennon, is designed to help you unlock your body’s full range of motion and improve joint mobility, leaving you feeling more agile and vibrant.
This mobility flow yoga class offers a safe and nurturing environment to explore your body’s potential and enhance your overall well-being. Join Shane and experience the benefits of increased mobility and vitality in a class designed to support your physical and mental health.

Ladder Warrior Flow – 45 mins

With Shane Lennon.
Join Shane for this exhilarating, intense ladder flow yoga class – a dynamic and challenging practice designed to take your yoga journey to new heights.
Prepare to sweat, strengthen and stretch. You’ll move through the ladder flow, unlocking your body’s full potential, enhancing flexibility, balance and mental focus.
Whether you’re an experienced yogi looking to push your boundaries or a beginner ready to embrace a new challenge, this intense ladder flow yoga class offers a transformative experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and further connected to your body and breath.

Post-run Tightness Prevention | Yoga 30 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
As many people attest, there are many benefits to running. Regardless of whether you had a short leisurely jog, went for a new personal record, or competed in a race, your body (and mind) will thank you in the long term. All the same, it’s all too easy to forget about the importance of the post-run recovery.
Fortunately, this class can help, giving you a chance – in an enjoyable, deserved cooldown – to avoid tightness and cramping before they set in by encouraging you to stretch and align the body.

Wrist Relief | Hands Free Flow – 45 mins

With Natasha Meehan.
This practice is ideal if you have wrist issues, because it avoids placing weight on your hands. This means no movements like down dog or chaturanga (which put pressure on the wrists); instead, we will complete a series of moves with postures that include twisting, balancing and standing. It’s advisable to bring two blocks/books as props to get the most out of this class.

Core Power | Yoga – 30 mins

With Snehaa Midha.
Get ready to ignite your fitness journey with this high-intensity class that will sculpt and tone your entire body.
This practice combines challenging workouts to torch your muscles and push you to your limits. With a focus on core, arms, hips and legs, you’ll experience a series of dynamic bodyweight movements that will leave you sweating and feeling the burn.
Consistency is key: if you make this practice a regular part of your routine, you can expect to see dramatic results in just a few weeks. Get ready to transform your body and unleash your inner strength with Snehaa Midha’s guidance.

Hip Opener: Leg Stretch Edition – 30 mins

With Snehaa Midha.

Indulge in a 30-minute yoga practice with Snehaa Midha that is dedicated to profound hip opening and leg stretches.
This meticulously curated session aims to enhance flexibility, alleviate tension and foster a heightened sense of grounding and equilibrium. Through purposeful asanas and mindful breathing, participants will systematically unlock the hips and elongate the legs, facilitating increased mobility and overall wellness.
Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to yoga, this class offers an invigorating and revitalising experience suitable for all levels. Embrace the opportunity to invigorate your body, cultivate serenity within, and unleash the potential of your hips and legs.

Flow Harmony: Discover the Rhythm of Vinyasa – 60 mins

With Snehaa Midha.

In this 60-minute session with Snehaa Midha, you will embark on a dynamic journey that combines breath, movement and mindfulness to create a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. Throughout this practice, Snehaa will help you explore a variety of postures and sequences, synchronising the breath with each movement.
Vinyasa Yoga is known for its fluidity and creativity, allowing you to seamlessly transition from one pose to another, cultivating strength, flexibility and balance in the body. Snehaa will emphasise conscious and deep breathing, which will help you find ease, release tension and create space within the mind.

Yoga with a Twist – 30 mins

With Chris Molloy.
Twisting can be challenging but so rewarding. This practice will help to open blockages in your body, stretching the sides of your body with loving awareness. Think while you inhale to lengthen; while you exhale, twist. Ultimately, the poses will help all body systems when practiced regularly.

Backbends – for Posture and Stress Relief – 45 mins

With Aga Chojnacka.
As intimidating as backbends can seem, it is very rewarding to reclaim your body to the extent of being able to do them. The work towards more challenging asanas – like Full Locust (Poorna Salabhasana), explored in this practice – will help you release stress from your chest and heart area, improve your posture, and invigorate you on a hormonal level. This class will give you a strong basis in advancing your practice and helping you enjoy being in the moment.

Fire Flow – Twists – 40 mins

With Maider Arrausi.
Twists in elemental yoga are related to fire, an element that’s always in motion. In many ways – both literal and figurative – fire gives us mobility, power, warmth, transformation and light. Maider will guide you through a twisty sequence to ignite the fire within, build up some heat and maybe nourish your inner creativity and inspiration.

Balancing Flow – 45 mins

With Maider Arrausi.
Balancing poses help to improve steadiness in the ankle joints, strengthen the core and legs, and enhance focus. They also help bring attention to the present moment, giving us direct feedback when we are not fully present.
During this class, Maider will guide your approach to a number of balancing poses, giving easier and more challenging variations.

Whole-body Opening Flow for after Work – 45 mins

With Chris Molloy.
Take a break from the desk and unwind. Grab your mat, a blanket and two blocks (or hard-backed books) and allow your body to open.
Our modern lives are spent mainly seated – over laptops, driving, texting. This flow will invite you to open out and release the tension of the day. Everything is optional, but the more you practice these asana and take the time at the start and end of the class to tune inwards, you might find space and breath in parts of your body that have been previously stuck.

Runner’s Flow – 30 mins

With Chris Molloy.
This Yoga flow practice has a focus on aligning your breath to your movement, to help the focus of yoga and awareness of breath bring more power into your run.
The focus here will be on the feet and knees, building strong, flexible muscles to allow stability and longevity in your runs. Expect some standing holds (use those blocks or books) and enjoy the lightness you feel throughout your whole body after this class.

Waking Up the Body: The Five Tibetans Yoga Flow – 30 mins

With Sylvia Ferguson.
The Five Tibetan Rites, also known as the ‘Five Tibetans’, are a series of physical movements that are believed to promote health, vitality, and longevity. These exercises are derived from a Tibetan yoga tradition said to be over 2,500 years old. The recommended practice is to start with three repetitions of each exercise and gradually increase the repetitions over time. Practitioners often perform the Five Tibetan Rites in the morning, ideally on an empty stomach. It is important to listen to your body and modify the exercises as needed to avoid strain or injury.
In this practice, Sylvia weaves the Five Tibetans into a yoga flow practice to wake up the whole body and take it through a vibrant range-of-motion practice. Flowing in and out of familiar yoga poses, we weave the Tibetans into a complete mini-practice designed to leave you feeling alive and awake in every part of the body. Modifications and cautions are offered for all levels of practice, as the poses can be challenging.

Twisty Flow to Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana) – 45 mins

With Maider Arrausi.
Twists have the quality of being calming and yet energising; they activate the digestive system and restore the natural range of motion to the spine.
In this twisty flow, Maider will guide you through a variety of deep twisting asanas and lead you to a peak pose, Bird of Paradise, with lots of options to deconstruct it. This practice will activate the fire within and bring a calming quality to the mind.

Mandala Flow to Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana) – 45 mins

With Maider Arrausi.
Mandala flows are creative and beautiful; they challenge concentration and trust by moving in 360 degrees around the mat. In this energising and accessible flow, Maider will deconstruct birds of paradise, giving lots of variations. Bird of paradise is a standing-balance pose that is believed to build confidence, boost energy and fight fatigue.

Funky Flexors – 45 mins

With Shane Lennon
Have a job where you sit a lot? Chances are your hip flexors will be tight as a result. In this class, we will be working to switch the hip flexors back on and working down the front of the leg into the quads.
Two blocks or a couple of cushions will be useful for this class.

Yoga Flow – 45 mins

With Ceire O’Rourke
A 45min flow – starting with a short pranayama exercise to settle into the practice. Then we flow through the sun Salutation A & B to build a bit of heat in the body plus some of the traditional vinyasa poses. Once we build the heat we show it down and stretch the body with longer holds and heat openers. All building up to the most important pose, savasana for at least 3 minutes. Includes : Chair, Triangle, Lunge, Half Moon, Twists

Ladder Flow – 45 mins

With Oksana Burke
This is a 45 minutes Vinyasa Ladder Flow – a nice stretch for the whole body.
Ladder flows are continuous and receptive. We’ll be repeating the same sequence, but adding new poses and movement each time as we go through it. Ladder flows are really good for working on flexibility – each time you repeat a pose you have an opportunity to go a little deeper. They are also a great way to practice staying present.

Juicy Hip Flow – 30 Mins

With Sam-Lee Doyle
There are over 20 muscles that cross the hips, hamstrings, psoas, adductors, biceps femoris and iliacus to name a few.
When hips are tight, they increase the load and cause overuse of the spine.
In addition to the benefits of improved range of motion and circulation and decreased back pain, opening the hips can create an energetic shift or release as well.
Yogic tradition holds the hips as a storage ground for negative feelings and pent-up emotions, especially ones related to control in our lives.
Hip-opening can also create space for the birth of new ideas and new pathways.
Opening the hips gives us access to freedom in the body and in our own unique expression, creatively, physically, sexually, and spiritually.
An exploration of Yang and Yin style of practice, building heat to create space, using this space to surrender in effortless ease.

Upper Body Flow – 30 mins

With Sam-Lee Doyle

The physical demands (or lack thereof) of modern life have a way of drawing the chest in on itself. Long hours at the computer or behind the wheel tend to round the shoulders forward, bring on a turtle neck and generally cause the upper body to go into a defeated slump.

Specifically, the pectoralis minor muscles that underlie the bigger pec muscles scrunch up while your upper back muscles — especially the serratus anterior — become weak. This muscle imbalance can cause chest pain and restrict your range of motion. Throw a frozen rib cage into the mix and you have a recipe for oxygen depletion, thanks to the fact that drawing a full breath can make the intercostals that connect the ribs feel a bit touchy. All that upper body tension is the gift that keeps on giving and next thing you know the pain is travelling all the way down your spine into your lower back.
The body stores emotions and chest openers are good for releasing sadness, grief, anger and frustration. The more you expand your sternum, rib cage and the rest of your upper body with chest openers, the more blood, oxygen and nerve circulation will be freed up to invigorate you mentally and physically.
This class is designed to open the upper back, the chest and the heart area. Creating space across the front of the body and working with the space in between the shoulder blades, we will actively counteract our everyday sitting posture.

Core twists and flow – 60 mins

With Jayne Lawrence
A LYT inspired class to get your core fired up. The LYT Yoga Method, created by a licensed physical therapist and celebrated yoga teacher Lara Heimann, uses targeted movement sequences to help everyone from novices and weekend warriors to Olympians and professional athletes retrain habitual movement patterns and postural imbalances to feel stronger, more energized, and more balanced both on and off the mat.
Suitable for Level 1 and 2.

End of Week – Slow But Strong Flow – 60 mins

With Niamh
A full bodied Vinyasa Slow Flow, designed to energise the body and calm the mind! Moving at a slower pace is not necessarily an easier approach, if anything, it’s usually a little more challenging. Expect to move, breath, challenge and restore your mind, body and sense with this end of week flow, designed to press the reset button after a week behind, and a week ahead of you! Level 1 and 2